From Corbin Fisher:

After stretching out and warming up, Carson was ready to warm up his other bat! He heads for the tub and has a good time massaging himself, washing his feet and taking care of his equipment. Once Carson cums, he shoots a load that reaches his chest! I thought for a minute it might hit his mouth and he'd score a home run! I'll have to see what kind of pitching game he has ...

Immanuel & Jurek

Sean Cody wrote:
It had been a long time since I'd seen Jurek. I admit that hearing from him after all this time left me a little confused. My impression at the time was that he was loving taking it in the ass and sucking cock, but, as it sometimes goes, life gets in the way. It turns out that work has been keeping him very busy ever since he's taken on more responsibility. Understandable. It was good to see him again!
I noticed that he looked a lot bigger — more ripped and muscular, so it was clear that he was hitting the weights hard. Immanuel was all about that. He was glad that he was going to fuck someone with a nice hard body and impressive uncut cock!
We all know this wasn't Jurek's first time taking it in the ass and it was nice of him to explain to Immanuel what it was going to be like. Jurek prefers to be on the receiving end because he likes a guy to dominate him. And, like I said, Immanuel was all about that!

Mark Murano

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